Living Hope Ministries
Who We Are

Core Values

Living Hope Ministries is a Christ-centered mission operating under the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, accountable to a Holy and Just God.

Living Hope Ministries is committed to:

Centering every aspect of the ministry on Christ and the Cross by:


1. Developing and implementing a curriculum that is theological and Christ-centered
2. Training each leader to share the Gospel
3. Providing opportunities for our neighbors to acknowledge Christ as their Savior

Helping each person experience dignity, value, and significance rooted in God's love by:


1. Instilling in each person they are loved by God and a special work of God's creation
2. Acknowledging God in their spiritual, moral, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development

Remaining a dynamic ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit by:


1. Adapting to the needs of the people in NE Minneapolis
2. Remaining true to God's Word and leading regardless of circumstance or cost

Instructing individuals for the development of biblical leadership in urban ministry by:


1. Providing a course of studies that complements an individual's practical experience work with LHM
2. Training in teaching methods to creatively reach the head, hands and heart
3. Housing in NE Mpls that places staff members among those whom they serve

Seeking God's direction and creative leadership for present and future growth by:


1. Increasing the number of prayer partners interceding on behalf of LHM
2. Expanding Ministry partnerships with Christian colleges and universities to develop after school academies of Art, Music, Puppet and Drama
3. Expanding ministry partnerships with churches, businesses and individuals
4. Occupying a facility within our target area to best serve the community
5. Adding key full-time staff who demonstrate faithfulness to God and uphold the mission and vision of LHM

Transforming the individual within a culture affected by cycles of poverty by:


1. Fostering within the individual a sense of eternal purpose
2. Nurturing a healthy community to which they belong and contribute
3. Producing faithful followers of Jesus Christ and His Word